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How Long is the Waiting Period for Disability Benefits?

As there is a waiting period you must go through before receiving your benefits, it is important to contact our New Port Richey social security disability attorney for help in filing your claim.  

Disabilities can occur as a result of accidental injuries or due to illnesses and chronic health conditions. When these impact your ability to work and provide for yourself or your family, social security disability (SSD) benefits act as a safety net. SSD can make up for some of the lost wages you suffer, allowing you to continue to support yourself and meet your financial obligations. As there is a waiting period before you can begin collecting SSD, filing your claim as soon as possible and making sure it is completed properly should be a top priority.

Social Security Disability Waiting Period

Social security disability benefits are intended to offset the lost wages that result from long term disabilities. You may be entitled to receive these benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA) if you have previously worked at a qualified job and have a valid medical condition that will prevent you from working for a period of at least one year.

You should apply for disability benefits the day you stop working or when your monthly income falls below what the SSA considers Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA), which in 2019 is $1,220 per month). It is important to file your claim correctly and to submit it as early as possible, as there is an automatic five-month waiting period. This provides a way for the SSA to ensure that your condition is not a short term disability and is likely to keep you from working for a year or longer.

Even Compassionate Allowances Require a Waiting Period

While the waiting period helps the SSA screen applicants who may be suffering from short term disabilities, there are certain cases in which the claimant’s condition will obviously result in long term impairment. In cases such as these, you may be approved for the SSA’s compassionate allowance program. This means that you may be eligible to receive benefits effective from your filing date. However, you will still have to go through the five-month waiting period before receiving a payment.

There is simply no way around the SSA’s five month waiting period. Unfortunately, some people are forced to wait even longer before receiving their benefits. Filing your claim improperly, not providing the required documentation, and not responding to communications from the SSA could result in a denial of your application.

Let Our Experienced New Port Richey Disability Attorney Assist You

According to SSA statistics, only about 30% of all initial claims are approved. The rest must go through the appeals process, which can add up to three months or more on to your waiting period. As an experienced New Port Richey disability attorney, Joseph Rooth can help you avoid these types of delays. To get answers to your questions about SSDI benefits or help in filing your claim, call or contact our office online and request a consultation today.

roothlawyerHow Long is the Waiting Period for Disability Benefits?