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Can You Get Financial Help While You Wait on Your Disability Benefits Claim?

There are several ways to obtain financial assistance while filing for disability or while waiting for a decision on an appeal due to a denied claim.  

Social security disability payments can provide much needed financial support in the event you are unable to work. However, the claims process can be time consuming and it may be months before you begin receiving your benefits. If your application is denied, you do have the right to appeal the decision, but this will extend your wait time even longer. As an experienced New Port Richey social security disability attorney, Joseph Rooth can help ensure that your claim is filed properly, reducing the likelihood of lengthy delays or a denial. During your wait, the following outlines several options in terms of obtaining financial assistance.

Meeting Your Financial Needs While Waiting for Disability

While you wait for your disability benefits to be approved through the Social Security Administration (SSA), you are permitted to seek financial assistance from other sources. The only issue that would impact your claim is if you went back to work on a full time basis. The SSA does allow you to make a small amount of money each month, provided the work you are engaged in is not considered as substantial gainful activity (SGA). In 2019, this means that the amount of income you earn must not exceed $1,220. This amount is increased to $2,040 for blind applicants.

In cases in which your disability prevents you from earning even these amounts, there are other options which may be able to help you bridge the gap until your disability benefits begin. These include:

  • Seeking help from friends and family members: As a result of your disability, you may need to swallow your pride and accept any financial assistance that may be offered by friends or family members. Most are happy to help during this time of need, whether it is in the form of financial gifts, loans, buying food, or paying certain bills for you. Accepting this help will not impact your rights to disability benefits.
  • Personal loans and debt refinancing: If your credit is good, taking out a personal loan may be an option. Just be cautious that monthly payments on these loans do not exceed the amount of your monthly disability benefits. Refinancing your debts may also provide some much needed breathing room during this time, while freeing up whatever cash you currently possess.
  • Public assistance programs: Financial assistance programs available through the state are there to help otherwise hard working people when the unexpected occurs. There are a variety of different types of benefits available through the Florida Department of Children and Families, which include assistance with food, personal needs, and housing costs.

Consult With an Experienced New Port Richey Disability Attorney

As an experienced New Port Richey disability attorney, Joseph Rooth provides the trusted legal guidance you need when filing your claim. To find out how he can help you, call or contact our office online and request a consultation today.

roothlawyerCan You Get Financial Help While You Wait on Your Disability Benefits Claim?