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Why you need a social security attorney

New Port Richey Social Security Attorney Fights for Your Rightful Benefits

Social security is an important program providing a safety net in case you are permanently injured, or develop an illness that prevents you from working. While you are not required to hire an attorney to apply for social security disability benefits, your chances of receiving the benefits you need by hiring a New Port Richey social security attorney are significantly improved.

It is well-known that the majority of social security disability claims are initially rejected. According to data from the Social Security Administration itself, between 2001 and 2010, only about 28 percent of people were awarded benefits on their first application. Only about 3 percent of applicants were given benefits on reconsideration, which is the first level of appeal after an initial denial. About 13 percent were given benefits after an appeals hearing after their reconsideration denial. Working with a New Port Richey social security attorney from the Rooth Law Firm can significantly improve your chances of getting the benefits you need and of avoiding timely appeals. You have nothing to lose from working with an attorney and potentially everything to gain.

Let a skilled New Port Richey SSD attorney help you navigate the claims process for Social Security Disability benefits

A large number of social security disability cases are rejected based simply on administrative details and not the merits of the case itself. Data from the Social Security Administration shows that approximately 31 percent of applications in 2010 faced “technical denials,” which were not based on a review of the applicant’s medical condition. Instead, the applications were rejected based on things like not filing the right form or not meeting the right deadline.

The New Port Richey social security attorney at the Rooth Law Firm guides you through the application process and ensures you understand all the rules and regulations. Our goal is to make sure you aren’t denied because of some bureaucratic technicality and that your case is reviewed on its own merits. We answer any questions you have and help you feel more confident about the process.

Building the strongest case possible for disability benefits

Simply filling out the right forms and meeting the right deadlines will only get you past the initial hurdles. You’ll need to present a persuasive case if you want to get the full benefits allowed for your disability. Our experienced New Port Richey social security attorney, Joe Rooth, builds the best case possible for you by reviewing your medical records, putting together expert witnesses and testimony, cross-examining witnesses, and preparing you to provide the best answers about your case.

Social Security attorney Joe Rooth carefully analyzes the medical evidence in your case and lets you know if your records are incomplete, which can be grounds for dismissal, or if you need additional medical evidence proving your disability or the severity of it. If necessary, we call on doctors or psychologists to perform additional testing or evaluation or to provide additional expert testimony about your condition. New Port Richey SSD attorney Joe Rooth creates a strategy that focuses on the facts most compelling to the court and presents your case in the most favorable light possible.

When defending your case at the appeal level, trust Joe Rooth to be the New Port Richey social security attorney who will aggressively cross-examine expert witnesses called by the court to make arguments that undermine your case for being unable to work.  We present evidence and provide additional testimony rebutting those arguments and make a stronger case for your benefits. We prepare you for the rigorous questioning you will face at the appeal hearing. You will feel more confident going into court, and you will know how to best answer questions to support your case for benefits with attorney Joe Rooth on your side.

Contact a skilled New Port Richey Social Security attorney today to fight for the Social Security Disability benefits you need

When you are navigating a terminal illness or disabling mental condition, you already have enough to deal with trying to get the medical care you need. Even managing daily activities can be overwhelming. Trying to take on the Social Security Administration can seem like a monumental task. By hiring Joe Rooth, an experienced New Port Richey social security attorney, you put your case in the hands of a trusted expert and focus on what’s important: Taking care of yourself.

Whether you are just starting to apply for benefits or you have already been rejected, the Rooth Law Firm can help you. We represent clients at every stage of the process, and we don’t take a fee until we get the benefits you need. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by calling us. Even if you are confident that your case is a slam dunk, working with our New Port Richey Social Security attorney can help you get more benefits and can expedite the decision.

The earlier you call, the better. Don’t let your case get derailed by simple mistakes, and don’t jeopardize your benefits by not having the strongest case possible. Call us today at (727) 849-3400 or fill out our secure online form to have a representative call you for a free consultation. We’re ready to help you get the benefits you need.

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