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Scaffolding and Ladders Accidents

When injuries occur as the result of scaffolding and ladder accidents, our New Port Richey workers’ compensation attorney helps you get the benefits you deserve.

On-the-job accidents can happen in any occupation, but some workers are required to perform tasks that put them at an increased risk. Anytime your job requires you to work on ladders or scaffolding, there is a high potential for serious and potentially disabling injuries to occur. At the Rooth Law Firm, we represent workers in these types of cases. While you focus on your recovery, our experienced New Port Richey workers’ compensation attorney works to get you the maximum amount of benefits to which you are entitled.

On-the-Job Injuries Involved Scaffolding and Ladders

In New Port Richey and throughout Hillsborough County, work-related accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence. According to the Florida Department of Financial Services (FLDFS), close to 4,000 workers suffer serious on-the-job injuries each year in our area. In a high percentage of these cases, ladder and scaffolding accidents are to blame.

At the Rooth Law Firm, we provide the trusted, aggressive legal representation injured workers and their families need to get compensation when these types of accidents occur. Among those most commonly affected by these accidents in their jobs include:

  • Building and residential construction workers;
  • Painters and siding installers;
  • Roofers and gutter installers;
  • Wiring and lighting technicians;
  • Building maintenance and janitorial staff;
  • Telephone and utility workers;
  • Landscapers and tree cutters;
  • Dock workers and ship repair staff.

Workers’ Compensation for Ladder and Scaffolding Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) warns that scaffolding and ladder accidents often occur as a result of slips, trips, or falls and scaffolding collapses. Workers can also get struck by or against objects while working at heights and face risks from falling debris when performing tasks below these areas. Injuries suffered may include torn muscles or tendons, multiple broken bones, and head, back, neck, or spinal cord injuries.

When these types of injuries impact you or a loved one, the Rooth Law Firm is here to help you recover. When injuries occur on the job or in the course of performing job duties, you may be entitled to file a claim through your employer with the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation. Benefits you may be entitled to include the following:

  • Payment of medical expenses, including the costs of testing, treatment, follow up visits, and medications;
  • Lost wages, which generally compensate you for up to two thirds of your average income;
  • Disability benefits, which provide additional compensation in the event you are unable to routine to work or perform certain tasks on your job;

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When scaffolding and ladder accidents leave you suffering serious injuries, attorney Joseph Rooth is a strong ally to have on your side. He is board-certified by the Florida Bar Association in workers’ compensation law, a distinction that fewer than 1% of all Florida lawyers have. To find out how he can help you, call or contact our New Port Richey office online today to request a consultation.