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New Port Richey Social Security Attorney Fights for the Disability Benefits You Deserve – SSD and SSI

Protect your future with the help of an experienced Social Security lawyer

The Social Security Disability Insurance program and the Supplemental Security Income program both provide monetary benefits for disabled individuals. However, each program has a unique set of criteria that an applicant must possess in order to receive benefits, a timeframe in which benefits may be awarded and a unique process for application and acceptance.

The SSD and SSI attorney from Rooth Law Firm zealously represents clients through each stage of the process and fights for the benefits you deserve.

What is SSD?

The Social Security Disability program provides monetary benefits to disabled individuals who have accumulated enough work credits. The program is funded by the Disability Trust Fund derived from payroll taxes. Individuals are preliminarily eligible for this program if they have made adequate contributions through FICA taxes. The amount of benefits you are eligible to receive is based on your earnings record. The SSDI program has a five-month waiting period, meaning you are not paid for benefits for the first five months after becoming disabled.

The process of applying for SSD and being awarded benefits can be complex. Our New Port Richey SSD attorney navigates this complicated system on your behalf.

What is SSI?

The portion of the Supplemental Security Income system that deals with disability is available only to individuals who fall under a specific income limit. Additionally, claimants must have never worked or have not earned enough work credits to qualify under the SSDI program. Claimants must also have limited assets in order to qualify for benefits. The amount of benefits a person is eligible for is based on the federal benefit amount, any countable income the individual has and any state supplement.

For more information on which program you may qualify for, contact our skilled New Port Richey SSI lawyer.

What are the medical requirements to qualify for SSD or SSI?

After determining whether you meet the financial qualifications, the next determination is whether you meet the medical requirements. The Social Security Administration only awards benefits under these programs if you suffer from a severe, long-term disability. This means you have a serious condition which interferes with your ability to work. The condition or disability is one that has lasted, or is expected to last, at least one year or is terminal. Additionally, the claimant must not be able to perform substantial gainful activity, which is based on a federal figure.

In order to be found disabled under either program, you must be evaluated under the sequential evaluation process. This process involves the following steps:

  1. You have a severe impairment, and
  2. This impairment meets or equals one of the impairments that are included and described in the official Listing of Impairments; or
  3. You are not able to perform the same type of work you did in the past, or perform other work available due to limited functional capacity, age, work history or education.

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, experienced legal representation matters, so contact our knowledgeable New Port Richey Social Security lawyer today for a consultation

Leading New Port Richey Social Security lawyer Joseph Rooth of The Rooth Law Firm has successfully assisted clients in procuring benefits under both federal programs for more than two decades. Benefits may be awarded within as little as 30 days for extremely clear cases, or take as long as two years if multiple appeals are required. Either way, you pay us nothing unless your application for benefits is successful. To schedule a confidential consultation, call 727-849-3400 or fill out the online contact form. We represent clients in New Port Richey, Tampa Bay and throughout the Central Gulf Coast area of Florida.

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