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Social Security Disability Denial Isn’t the End — It’s Step One in the Acceptance Process

New Port Richey Social Security lawyer helps you get the benefits you need by making a strong appeal

Sadly, the majority of applications for Social Security disability benefits are rejected. Some applications are rejected for issues like failing to provide the proper medical documentation, or not submitting the application properly. More are rejected because the reviewer did not feel there was sufficient medical cause. Many people give up with that initial rejection. Either they feel there is no other recourse, or they just don’t have the time and energy to fight the decision. Some may simply try again with a new application. Both decisions are a mistake.

The highly skilled and knowledgeable New Port Richey Social Security lawyer at the Rooth Law Firm builds a strong and compelling appeal, increasing your chances of obtaining the disability benefits you need. Attorney Rooth is well-versed in navigating the complex Social Security disability system and knows what steps to take for success.

Common reasons for denial of Social Security disability benefits

The Social Security Administration considers many factors when deciding whether you should receive disability benefits and how much. The most important factor considered is that you should have a disability which prevents you from gainful employment. However, you must also meet a number of other specific criteria, such as having worked for a certain amount of time.Some of the most common reasons for Social Security disability benefit denial include:

  • Failure to provide the proper medical documentation. You must provide extensive medical records. The SSA may request additional information or may even request that you be examined by one of its own doctors.
  • Having a disability that is not severe enough to impair your work, or that is not long-term. You must show that your disability prevents you from working now and for the unforeseeable future.
  • Failure to follow prescribed therapy. If your doctor has ordered you to take medication or undergo treatment to alleviate the condition causing your disability, you must follow that treatment in order to receive benefits.
  • You are disabled because of drug or alcohol addiction. If you would no longer be considered disabled if you recovered from your addiction, you will be denied benefits.

In many cases, our New Port Richey Social Security lawyer provides the right evidence to prove your worthiness for benefits.  Our goal is to prepare the right medical evidence to support your claims. We work with experts when necessary to provide information arguing the severity of your disability and your need for benefits.

What is a technical denial in a Social Security disability case?

A technical denial occurs when your case is rejected without the reviewers even considering the medical evidence. You may receive a technical denial if you make too much money, if you didn’t work long enough to qualify for benefits, or if you haven’t worked recently enough. There are strict income guidelines for Social Security disability benefits. If you are making any money through work, your benefits will be reduced. If you are making more than the income limit, your benefits will be denied since you will be seen as gainfully employed.

In addition, you must also meet strict guidelines for having worked a certain number of years in relation to your age, or in relation to your claim. And, you must have paid Social Security taxes for a certain time frame in order to qualify for benefits. If you worked, but did not pay Social Security taxes, you will also be found ineligible. Attorney Rooth helps you understand your legal rights and if you have grounds to challenge a technical denial. In some cases, the denial can be a matter of interpretation, and we make a strong argument showing that you do, in fact, meet the proper criteria.

Get the benefits you need by working with an experienced New Port Richey Social Security disability lawyer

As soon as you are notified of your denial of Social Security disability benefits, call The Rooth Law Firm. As soon as you receive notice of denial, you are on a timeline for resolution, so the sooner you start working with our experiencedNew Port Richey SSD lawyer, the sooner we can overturn the denial and secure the benefits you need.  Call us today at (727) 849-3400 or contact us online./vc_row]

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