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Be Informed About the New OSHA Safety Campaign for Falling Accidents

August 25, 2020

Reducing fall accidents and fall-related deaths in the workplace is a top priority

In the construction industry, falls are a leading cause of death. Indeed, as reported by OSHA, falls from elevation accounted for nearly one-third of all deaths amongst construction workers in 2018. In order to help reduce the number of fall-related deaths in construction, OSHA has implemented the National Safety Stand-Down campaign. Here is what you should know.

What is the National Safety Stand-Down Campaign?

This year’s National Safety Stand-Down campaign, which is the seventh annual event of its kind, is scheduled for the week of September 14-18 (it was originally scheduled for earlier but was postponed due to COVID-related concerns). The Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event during which employers can take a break to talk to their employees about fall hazards in the workplace. For those employers and employees in industries where fall hazards are not a major risk, the time can and should be used to talk to employees about other risks in the workplace, as well as policies and safety goals.

Who is Invited to Participate?

According to the OSHA website detailing the event, anyone who is interested in hazard prevention in the workplace is invited to participate in the Safety Stand-Down event. Typically, participants include construction companies, general industry employers, unions and trade associations, safety equipment manufacturers, and more.

How it Works: Participating in a Safety Stand-Down

During the week of September 14-18, employers are encouraged to participate in the Safety Stand-Down by taking a break to have a “toolbox talk” or planning some sort of safety activity, such as discussing specific job hazards with employees or conducting an equipment inspection. OSHA has a number of free resources on its website that can be used to assist in planning, including an overview of past Stand-Down events and tips and suggestions for preparing a successful Safety Stand-Down this year.

Get a Certificate of Participation

For those employers who decide to participate in this year’s Safety Stand-Down, there will be the ability to provide feedback to OSHA online and to download a Safety Stand-Down certificate of participation. You can learn more on OSHA’s website.

The Importance of Fall Prevention Safety in the Workplace

The Safety Stand-Down event is a great opportunity for employers and employees to have an honest conversation about workplace safety, risks that exist, and ways that everyone can reduce the risk of an accident. For employees, it is also important to remember that a right to a safe workplace exists; if you believe that OSHA guidelines and regulations are being breached, you have the right to report these safety concerns. What is more, if you are injured on the job, you have the right to pursue compensation by filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Our New Port Richey, Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help

At the office of the Rooth Law Firm, P.A., we support employers who take aggressive measures to mitigate workplace accidents, and we encourage employers to participate in this year’s Safety Stand-Down campaign. If you are an employee who is injured on the job and who has questions about their rights and opportunities, our law firm can help. To learn more about how we can support you, please call us today for your free consultation.