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Is it common for SSD benefits to get denied?

Is it Common for SSD Benefits to Get Denied?

SSD benefits have a high denial rate, which is why you need an experienced New Port Richey, FL social security disability attorney on your side.

When injuries, illnesses, and chronic conditions leave you unable to work and provide for yourself and your family, social security disability (SSD) benefits can provide the lifeline you need. Unfortunately, obtaining these benefits can prove challenging, as many claims are denied on the first submission. In these situations, you do have options, but it is important to have an experienced social security disability attorney on your side.

Social Security Disability Denials

You have worked hard all your life, contributing to social security disability. Unfortunately, when the time comes that you need these benefits, too many people end up being denied.

According to annual reports from the Social Security Administration (SSA), more than half of all disability claims filed are denied on the first submission. Reasons for these denials are generally technical or medical, of which the following are among the most common:

  • The proper paperwork and documentation was not submitted in the claim.
  • Claimant failed to respond to SSA within appropriate timelines.
  • The disability listed is not one the SSA considers as severe or likely to last for more than 12 months.
  • There is no evidence to support the assertion that the disability prevents the person from working or performing certain tasks on their job.
  • The claimant failed to follow treatment, medication, or follow up procedures as prescribed by their doctor or other medical providers.

Be assured that with so many benefit claims being denied, it is not uncommon for a claimant to appeal a decision or re-submit an application. However, it can be difficult on your own to determine the best course of action and additional mistakes will only result in more delays and denials.

Re-Submitting Your SSD Benefit Claim

If you have been denied disability benefits, you have the right to file an SSA appeal. However, there is a time limit of 60 days after receiving notice of a denial to make this request, otherwise you will need to submit a new claim.

If you receive a denial letter, you should discuss it with an experienced SSD attorney immediately to determine the best course of action. If your denial is based on incomplete documentation, such as a lack of medical records or other information, an appeal may be the best way to address the situation. However, if you were denied on the basis that your disability did not qualify you for benefits and your medical condition has changed since the denial, re-submitting your claim may be the best option in your case.

Our Board Certified Florida SSD Attorney is Here to Help

At the Rooth Law Firm, our New Port Richey social security disability attorney provides the trusted legal guidance and professional representation you need to get the social security benefits to which you are entitled. To request a consultation regarding how we can help in your claim, call or contact attorney Joseph Rooth online today.

roothlawyerIs it common for SSD benefits to get denied?