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Why You Need a Skilled Workers’ Comp Attorney

Fighting for your rights after a work injury

Workers who sustain an injury on the job or who develop an illness due to workplace exposures are entitled to benefits under the workers’ compensation program. The compensation to which you are entitled can be significant, and it’s important to have a skilled advocate available who can help you navigate the complexity of the Florida workers’ compensation system. Some ways that a New Port Richey workers’ comp attorney can assist you include:

Explain your rights

Under Florida workers’ compensation laws, you are entitled to receive up to 80 percent of the lost wages that you suffer once you miss seven consecutive days of work due to a work-related injury.  There are a variety of benefits to which you may be entitled, depending on the nature and severity of your work-related injury and its impact on your ability to work. Some benefits include:

  • Permanent total disability – If you are not able to return to any type of job, you can receive this type of benefit through Florida’s workers’ comp system.
  • Temporary total disability – These benefits are available when you are ordered not to work.
  • Temporary partial disability – These benefits are available if you have a work restriction due to your injury.
  • Rehabilitation – Retraining may be necessary to help you learn a new line of work if your physical injury prevents you from returning to your regular line of work.
  • Income impairment benefits – If your injury results in a percentage of impairment that negatively impacts your income, these benefits may be available.
  • Social Security disability benefits – Our New Port Richey attorney also assesses if other benefits may be available such as Social Security disability benefits or private disability insurance benefits.

Protect your rights

An experienced New Port Richey workers’ comp attorney protects your best interests. Your employer and the workers’ compensation carrier are primarily concerned with their own financial and legal interests. Having a workers’ compensation attorney ensures that you have someone who will advocate for you. Insurance carriers may attempt to blame you for the accident or claim that you failed to take the necessary steps to file a workers’ compensation claim. A skilled workers’ comp attorney navigates the claims process on your behalf and ensures that steps are carefully followed so that you retain your rights to monetary compensation. Additionally, a workers’ comp attorney ensures you receive ongoing medical treatment for your work-related injury so that you are able to recover as fully as possible. They advise you on what steps to take, which forms to complete and how to ensure the highest likelihood for success. And, if your claim is wrongfully denied, they help you through the appeal process. If any retaliatory measures were taken against the injured employee for filling a workers’ comp claim, they act as your legal advocate.

Worker’s compensation laws are complex. If you have suffered a workplace injury, consult with an experienced attorney who can determine if you are eligible to receive benefits. Skilled Florida workers’ comp attorney Joseph M. Rooth is experienced in workers’ compensation law and fights for you to ensure you receive the benefits and wage compensation you deserve. With offices in New Port Richey, Spring Hill, Seminole and Clearwater, attorney Rooth helps clients throughout the Tampa Bay area. To schedule a free consultation, contact attorney Rooth at 727-849-3400 or online.

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