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This community blends respect for the land with respect for people. Originally, what later became Spring Hill was a section of the endangered Longleaf Pine Ecosystem and Sand Pine Scrub with very high biodiversity, as well as a safe haven for many imperiled species. In the 1970s, a group of investors built a planned community in the area. Over the years, it has developed into a thriving area with over 100,00 residents.

In much the same way, the successful Spring Hill workers’ compensation lawyers at the Rooth Law Firm focus on respect. We respect the system, our opponents, and our clients. The workers’ compensation system in Florida is mostly a bureaucracy. However, the people who review claims and fill other roles still deserve our respect. We also respect insurance company lawyers and never underestimate them. Most of all, we respect our clients, which is why we work so hard to obtain maximum benefits for them.

Job-Related Illnesses and Injuries

Thousands of people get hurt or sick at work every year in Hernando County. Each kind of case has its own challenges.

Occupational diseases affect victims slowly and often imperceptibly over time. These conditions include:

Pre-existing and non-work conditions often contribute to these illnesses. Most people hear loud noises at places other than work. Usually, a Spring Hill workers’ compensation lawyer can still obtain maximum benefits in these cases.

Trauma injuries strike suddenly and without warning. Common trauma injuries, especially at construction sites, include:

Workers’ compensation benefits usually include lost wage replacement and medical bill payment. These benefits could last for up to five years.

Count on a Tough-Minded Hernando County Workers Compensation Lawyer

Injured workers have important legal and financial rights in Florida. For a free consultation with a board-certified workers’ compensation lawyer in Spring Hill, contact the Rooth Law Firm. Virtual, home, and hospital visits are available.