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Spring Hill Personal Injury Lawyer

Job injury and disability victims are entitled to significant benefits.

What became Spring Hill was a huge, undeveloped tract of land until 1967, when developers-built homes in a planned community on this site. That planned community mushroomed from just over 6,000 residents in 1980 to more than 110,000 residents in 2020. Spring Hill’s location makes it attractive for many people. It is in a semi-rural part of the northern Tampa Bay area, yet easily accessible to the larger cities to the south.

Like the original developers of this area, the Spring Hill personal injury lawyers at The Rooth Law Firm have a vision and a plan. Our vision is maximum compensation for your serious work-related or disabling injury. Our plan is simple. We evaluate your case, collect evidence, and strongly advocate for you. Our team is also accessible. When clients have questions or comments about their cases, their lawyers, not non-lawyer assistants, address these matters.

Social Security Disability

Working and making a living may be one of the most important values to Spring Hill residents. When they are not able to do so because of a disabling illness or injury, life-changing Social Security Disability benefits may be available.

“Disability” is primarily, but not entirely, a medical term. Medically, the illness or injury must substantially and regularly interfere with a work-related activity, like standing, remembering, sitting, or concentrating.

Additionally, this interference must be permanent (fatal or expected to last at least a year). A broken leg interferes with work activities, but in most cases, broken legs are not permanently disabling. Moreover, if medication or other treatment is available, the applicant must be unable to physically tolerate that treatment for some reason, usually because it has too many side effects.

Social Security Disability benefits usually include monthly cash and Medicaid membership. The monthly cash is usually retroactive to the date of disability not the date of filing. This back pay could be substantial. Many people work with disabilities for long periods of time before they partner with a Spring Hill personal injury lawyer and apply for benefits.

The benefits application process is usually long and frustrating. Initial denials are part of the course. The outcome is usually different at a subsequent Administrative Law Judge review hearing since attorneys can introduce evidence, like an independent medical review, challenge evidence, and make legal arguments.

Workers’ Compensation

A job-related illness or injury could also interfere with a person’s ability to work and earn a living. Workers’ compensation benefits are available in these situations.

Much like SSD benefits, workers’ compensation benefits replace lost wages and pay reasonably necessary medical bills. However, unlike SSD benefits, workers’ compensation benefits are available for temporary disabilities.

Some limited workers’ compensation defenses are available. Mostly, however, these claimants can expect insurance company lawyers to contest damages (the amount of compensation).

Medical bills are a good example. Frequently, insurance adjusters take the position that “reasonably necessary” means “cheapest available.” A Spring Hill personal injury lawyer works to ensure that job injury victims get the treatment they need, not the treatment an adjuster is willing to pay for.

Count on a Spring Hill Personal Injury Lawyer

Victims need and deserve compensation for their injuries. For a free consultation with a Board Certified workers’ compensation lawyer in Spring Hill, contact the Rooth Law Firm. Virtual, home, and hospital visits are available.