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Florida Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Attorney Works Hard to Win Your Case Regardless of the Challenges

Our goal is to obtain the compensation you deserve if you’ve been injured

I am attorney Joseph Rooth, and I am a practicing Workers’ Compensation attorney. For more than 25 years I have served the Tampa Bay area, with offices conveniently located in the Port Richey, Spring Hill, Seminole and Clearwater areas.

I am certified by the Florida Bar Association Board of Legal Specialization and Education in Workers’ Compensation Law.  I specialize in getting injured workers the compensation they deserve after they have suffered an injury on the job and obtaining SSD benefits for those who are disabled and can no longer work. I am an experienced advocate for injured workers, and it is imperative that you seek the advice of an experienced Florida Workers’ Compensation lawyer in order to obtain the proper benefits for the injuries you sustained on the job.  Whether you need long-term disability for your injuries, or short-term medical treatment, I will get you a fair settlement. I am on your side, and I fight to win for you and your financial future.

We help you through the complicated processes of filing Workers’ Compensation claims and Social Security Disability claims

As your Florida workers’ compensation and SSD attorney,we evaluate your case, gather all pertinent information, and file your claim for you, and handle any and all appeals.

  • Workers’ Compensation: Florida’s Workers’ Compensation laws are tricky and complicated.  After an injury, dealing with your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance carrier can be too much to handle. The insurance companies and your employer will be looking to settle your claim quickly and for the smallest amount possible. Having an experienced Florida workers’ compensation attorney on your side, advocating for you,ensures you are covered for your injury and expenses quickly and fairly.
  • Social Security Disability: Whether you were injured on the job, or you suffered injuries in another type of accident, navigating the murky waters of Social Security Disability Insurance can leave you feeling frustrated and helpless. Most everyone who initially applies for SSD will be denied benefits, even if your injury was life-changing. As a Florida Social Security Disability attorney, I have more than 25 years of experience dealing with Social Security and I know how the Social Security Disability system works. I help you begin the SSD appeals process and work with you personally to get the SSD benefits that you need.

Contact an experienced Florida workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability attorney today about your injuries and how you can get the compensation you need

I am attorney Joseph Rooth of the Rooth Law Firm, and I know the hardships that people face when challenged with the stress of filing workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability claims. When your livelihood is threatened and your life is changed because of an injury, turn to me. To schedule a free consultation with me, attorney Joseph Rooth, contact my office at 727-849-3400, or contact me online. I handle cases in Clearwater, New Port Richey, Seminole, Tampa and throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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