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Land O’Lakes Personal Injury Lawyer

The right lawyer can obtain the benefits you deserve.

Dupree Gardens, one of the first roadside attractions in the state, opened in what is now Land O’Lakes in December 1940. Before wartime gas rationing effectively shut down such attractions, tens of thousands of people a year took a few moments to walk through 900 acres of tropical flowers, gentle waterfalls, and meandering streams. Then, as now, people needed to take some time out and recharge.

Then, as now, people are seriously injured or suffer from debilitating illnesses. The Land O’Lakes personal injury lawyers at the Rooth Law Firm are dedicated to such individuals. Many of the people on our professional team have been through similar experiences. This compassion motivates us to thoroughly evaluate your case, diligently collect evidence, and work hard for you every day.

Why Should I Hire a Land O’Lakes Personal Injury Lawyer?

Then as now, self-reliance is an important venue for most Floridians. When they face disabilities or injuries, they often try to persevere on their own. That approach simply is not the best approach.

The fact is that these victims, and their families, need money so doctors can treat their illnesses and injuries, and so they can move forward with their lives. Workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits include monthly cash and free medical care. These benefits are life-changing for most families.

These benefits are available, but the process is long and frustrating, especially for a victim without a Land O’Lakes personal injury lawyer.

Insurance companies and government lawyers routinely delay the process and look for ways to reduce or deny benefits. Unless a victim has an equally determined attorney, these adverse lawyers almost always win the day. 80 percent of insurance company settlements are paid to victims who have lawyers. In other words, unrepresented victims almost always settle for less.

How Do I Hire the Right Lawyer?

Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation matters are often long and frustrating for lawyers as well. Only an attorney with the right combination of experience, accessibility, and dedication can obtain the benefits victims need and deserve.

Law school teaches people how to think like lawyers, and experience teaches them how to act like lawyers. Experienced lawyers know what approaches work and what approaches do not. Your claim should never be a training tool for an inexperienced lawyer.

Accessible lawyers are close to their clients in several key ways. First, they are willing to meet clients on their schedules. For a seriously injured or permanently disabled victim, getting from one place to another is tough, especially on a bad day. Second, your lawyer should be your lawyer. If you have questions or comments about your case, your lawyer, not an assistant, should address them.

As for dedication, for many lawyers, disability matters are sideshows. Far too often, these attorneys look for an easy way out or a quick settlement. Only dedicated lawyers persevere to the end.

Count on a Land O’ Lakes Personal Injury Lawyer

Victims need and deserve compensation for their injuries. Contact the Rooth Law Firm for a free consultation with a Board-Certified workers’ compensation lawyer in Land O’Lakes. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.