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Will Workers’ Comp Cover an Accident Off-Site?

New Port Richey workers’ compensation attorney Joseph M. Rooth discusses common situations in which job-related injuries that occur off-site could still entitle you to benefits.

Workers’ compensation in Florida helps to protect employees when accidental injuries happen. To be eligible for benefits, your injuries have to be work-related. Generally, these occur directly on the job site, but there are situations in which off-site injuries could still entitle you to workers’ compensation.

When Off-Site Accidents Leave You Suffering Job-Related Injuries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 300 workers are killed on the job each year while thousands of others suffer injuries that prevent them from working. In these situations, workers’ compensation benefits can provide a safety net.

Common causes of on-the-job injuries include slips and falls, getting struck by or against objects, getting jolted by electrical currents, cuts due to sharp objects, burn injuries, muscle strains and sprains due to overuse or repetitive tasks, and overexposure to heat or toxic substances. These generally happen on the job site. However, they can also occur off-site but in the course of performing work-related duties, including:

Delivery or truck drivers, building inspectors, and outbound sales associates are all examples of occupations in which work-related accidents that are covered by workers’ compensation can occur off the job site. Injuries that happen while commuting to or from work, going out for personal rather than business reasons, or otherwise performing tasks not related to your job are not covered by workers’ comp.

Protecting Your Right to Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Off-Site Injuries

While you may be eligible for benefits through the Florida Workers’ Compensation program for injuries that occur off the job site, obtaining these benefits can still prove challenging. It can be difficult to prove how and when your injuries happened or that they are indeed work-related. To protect yourself and your rights in this situation, follow these steps:

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