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When Should I File for Disability?

Let experienced Tampa Bay Social Security disability attorney Joseph M. Rooth help you get the benefits you deserve.

Long-term disabilities can happen as a result of accidental injuries, sudden illnesses, or chronic medical conditions. When they prevent you from working, Social Security disability benefits provide a safety net. Unfortunately, getting the benefits you are entitled to can prove challenging. Lengthy delays in processing claims and denials are common. To prevent going months or even years without the disability benefits you deserve, our Tampa Bay Social Security disability attorney provides tips on when is the best time to file.

Determining Eligibility for Social Security Disability

Social Security benefits can help offset lost income in the event medical conditions prevent you from being able to work. One of the biggest considerations in determining when to apply regards meeting eligibility requirements. These include:

When to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration recommends applying for disability benefits as soon as you become disabled. However, be aware that there is a five-month waiting period, which begins the first full month after the date they determine that your disability began. It is also important to realize that lengthy delays in the benefit approval process are common. Many claims are denied during the first application and are only accepted after refiling and providing additional information.

To protect yourself and your rights regarding benefits, you should consider filing for Social Security disability as soon as possible. Follow these steps:

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