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Filing and Winning a Social Security Disability Benefits Claim

Work with a leading New Port Richey Social Security lawyer to properly submit your application or appeal a rejection.

A disabling and permanent illness or injury qualified individuals to receive Social Security Disability cash and medical benefits. A disabling illness or injury prevents applicants from working at the occupation they had before their illness or injury and prevents them from working a different kind of job. A permanent disability is terminal or is expected to last at least a year.

Additionally, most SSDI claimants must have earned enough work credits to obtain these benefits. Exceptions apply to disabled children and in a few other cases.

The initial denial rate in SSD cases is very high. Frequently, a Disability Determination Services officer rejects the claim for technical reasons. Eliminating these technical errors significantly increases the chances that a DDS officer will at least consider your claim. If the DDS officer denies your claim, which is the most likely result, a New Port Richey Social Security lawyer appeals the matter and keeps fighting for you.

Necessary Documents

Filing an SSD claim is very easy nowadays. In most cases, the process only requires a few minutes and a few clicks.

Technology has changed the application process but not the legal requirements. Generally, a filing package must include:

These requirements are only the minimum qualifications. To obtain maximum benefits, an attorney must build on this foundation.

Claims Process

DDS officers have broad discretion to reject claims that meet the technical requirements and appear solid. Initial rejections often frustrate applicants, who then abandon their claims or settle them for a few pennies on the dollar.

In these situations, a New Port Richey Social Security lawyer advocates for victims, if necessary, until the matter reaches the Administrative Law Judge appeals stage.

An ALJ appeal resembles a private trial. Lawyers can make legal arguments, introduce evidence, and challenge evidence.

A neutral ALJ, as opposed to a Social Security-employed DDS officer who probably isn’t a lawyer, evaluates these appeals. Because the odds are even at this hearing, many disability claims settle out of court at this point. And they settle on victim-friendly terms.

Count on a Dedicated Pasco County Social Security Disability Lawyer

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